10-year-old praised for helping lost boy

By Talisa Kupenga

The father of a 10-year-old Auckland boy who helped a lost four-year-old find his way back home at the weekend says the deed is a reflection of his son's caring nature. An online video of Jaelee Nathan and his kind act has gone viral, earning him widespread praise.

Looking out for others is second nature to Jaelee Nathan, a quality he learnt from his parents.

Jaelee Nathan says, "Because they're helpful and they always do stuff like that, so I just try and copy so I can do good stuff when I'm older."

On Sunday, Jaelee found and escorted a lost four-year-old back to his home and frequently asked if the young boy was okay. He also offered him his scooter and a pair of socks because he was barefoot.

 "It's normal for kids my age to look after kids because it's just helping another human," said Jaelee.

Jaelee's Father, Hone Nathan says, "I'm proud of what my son did because with everything that's been happening with other kids something could have gone wrong."

Their family often help the homeless in the neighbourhood, so when it comes to kindness, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But one thing is yet to happen that has left Jaelee disappointed.

Jaelee says, "I just want to hear a thank you and then that's it because all they said was nothing."

The mother of the young boy who Jaelee helped was contacted for comment but she is yet to respond.