1,000 Māori-inspired modular homes by end of 2020

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

TOA architects have partnered with Mike Greer Architectural and together hope to deliver 1,000 modular houses in Aotearoa by the end of 2020.

The Māori-inspired homes are meant to help people cut through some of the struggles around consents and cut down build time.

They are compact homes, state of the art.

The homes come into the market at under $300,000 in the hope to put more people into homes that relate to Aotearoa. Their designs also vary in size and they can go from a batch to a three bedroom home.

TOA are hopeful that this will place New Zealanders in a better position to own a home.

TOA Architects director Nicholas Dalton says, "Having been in architecture for 20 or so years, the consent process is not helping." He says, "I thought, it would be wonderful if there was a way to cut through all of that."

According to TOA, the consent process will become a whole lot easier, that the modules will be consented prior to arrival on the plot where it will take less than a month to assemble, saving time on building.

The project is more than just housing according to TOA, it could also be a way to combat other social issues like unemployment and economic growth.

Project registrations have opened to those interested.