$20mil to build new school for Manukura

By Tema Hemi

A Māori school which fosters academic and sporting excellence for youth will operate from a new location.

Manukura, which has some of the top pass rates in the country, has been based at Massey University for the last 14 years.

Manukura caters to students from years 9-13.

Principal Nathan Durie says, "Our future leaders of tomorrow are these children so how will they carry themselves in this ever evolving and wider world, it is right for them to stand correct and stand proud to be Māori first before any other, so they are able to bring the necessary skills, in sports, the Māori world and in academics."

Manukura has now received government support to have its own location. 

Minister Kelvin Davis says, "The government have given $20mil so that the school may accomplish what they have been working on for the last 14 years and that is to have their own site and buildings."

Durie also says, "Today we are hopeful that the minister will give us the support for our new school, that he will come and embrace today's proceedings and what the people of Tahuriwakanui have been longing for all these years."

Manukura is a designated special character school which provides a varied curriculum that focuses on academic, sporting, and cultural pursuits for the students.

Student at Manukura Suraya Goss says, "I been here a long time now but this is a special school at a very special time., students have formed great relationships with staff members here."

Fellow student Wipere Takitimu says, "I have had many great experiences here at this school, from the time I was a young boy I was shy but know I've learnt to stand on my own two feet."

Since the school's inception its passing rates have been amongst the top in the country, and last year 100% of their students passed NCEA.

Davis also says, "I am overwhelmed from the success of these students here at this school, whether it be on the playing field or in the classroom."

The school and the Education are yet to decide when the school will open.