29-year-old Dr Mataroria Lyndon set to study Public Health at Harvard

By Harata Brown

Dr Mataroria Lyndon is yet to turn 30 but he has already been accepted in to Harvard University and is set to also complete his Doctorate in Medical Education in September from The University of Auckland.

Lyndon’s clinical supervisor, Professor Andrew Graham Hill says Lyndon is destined to be a national and international leader in Public Health.

"He presents all around the world with his research now days. He's a very competent young doctor and widely respected in the Pākeha and Māori communities", says Hill.

Lyndon has been a doctor now for four years and is a clinical fellow based at Ko Awatea at Middlemore Hospital. The focus of his doctorate study at The University of Auckland is about Māori and Pacific medical students and how beliefs, family and culture impact on their motivation and well-being whist studying.

“I found that most Māori study medicine to enable them to better care for their whānau. Overall they want to make a difference in Māori health”, says Lyndon.

Lyndon will travel to Boston, USA to also study a Masters in Public Health at Harvard University next year and hopes to one day be a Māori Medical Officer of Health.

The clinical fellow says he hopes to learn the most he can about Public Health strategies so he can bring those skills back to New Zealand to also help make a difference in Māori health.

“Through the support of my whānau, my elders from my sub tribes and my tribes. I must acknowledge them, because through their unconditional support I have got to be where I am today" says Lyndon.

After Lyndon submits his doctorate thesis in six weeks time he will travel to Bangkok, Thailand to present at the World Congress of Surgery 2015.