89th Māori Tennis National Competition underway

The 89th Māori Tennis National Competition is underway.

Tamati Reedy says, “1926 this competition started. We come back each and every year to honour those, and this competition of remembrance.”

Will Flavell has been attending the tournament for 17 years. He knows the ins and outs of the competition. Watching some of the younger generation play in the competition was one of his highlights.

“Good to see the younger ones coming back to play in this tournament,” says Flavell.

Celebrating the 90th edition of this tournament is also well underway. Inviting some of the best players in the world is one of the options.

“The call has gone out to the Williams sisters, the younger or oldest to come next year and help celebrate. Only right because they are the best in the World,” says Reedy.

The 89th Māori Tennis Championships will be hosted at the Waikato Tennis Centre in Hamilton from December 27–29 (30th rain delay day) 2015.