Almost 1900 submissions received on proposed Te Arawa partnership model

Rotorua City

Almost 1900 submission have been received by the Rotorua Lakes Council regarding the proposed new Te Arawa partnership model.

According to the Council this is the most submissions it has ever received for a single issue.

Late last year Te Arawa proposed a model to council as a means of providing iwi with input into council decision making.

The Council voted 10-3 to support Te Arawa’s proposed model in principle, subject to a special consultative procedure, to allow the community to provide feedback.

Submissions regarding the proposal were received by the Council over the last 6 weeks.

736 were received online. Four petitions were also received, one against the proposal with 1370 signatures; one with 250 signatures asking for Council to consider a proposed “Democratic Governance Model” which was submitted; and two in support of the proposal with 33 and 27 signatures respectively.

According to Council Chief Executive, Geoff Williams,“We’re very pleased to have had such excellent engagement after Te Arawa’s request that Council put their proposal out to public consultation to seek the community‘s input.”

Mr Williams says, “People have suggested variations of all of the models, as well as putting forward some completely different ideas. All of these will be looked at and analysed by our staff and the petitions will also be added to the mix for councillors’ consideration,” Mr Williams said.

More than 250 people attended public information sessions held to provide further detail to help people form an opinion and make submissions.

Councillors are expected to deliberate and make a decision about the proposal at an extraordinary Council meeting on 26 May.