Animal Justice League set to protest Rodeo in NZ

By Regan Paranihi

Tomorrow a second protest is set to go ahead to oppose rodeos in New Zealand.

Animal Justice League group will be hosting their first protest of the year following the largest protest against rodeo in New Zealand in Warkworth held on New Year's day by Direct Animal Action.

Holly Button from the Animal Justice League New Zealand says, “While we are thrilled that a Private Members Bill that will ban the worst aspects of rodeo - calf roping and flank straps, has been introduced to parliament, it isn’t enough to protect all animals used in rodeos.” 

National Spokesman of NZ Rodeo Cowboys Association, Michael Laws says,"The sport of rodeo has been a part of this country’s rural and provincial scene since the 1950s, and organised at a national level since 1971." 

Button says every year the same rodeo patterns occur which include people and animals at high risk of getting injured, the Rodeo Code of Welfare being consistently breached and a public outcry as more protests occur.    

Meanwhile, Laws says, "The truth is that animals are not harmed in NZ rodeos. Most are actually trained for their roles and many animals are saved from pet food factories and euthanasia as a result of their rodeo careers. The real danger is to the human participant, as any person attending a rodeo appreciates."

“The opposition to rodeos is growing quickly in New Zealand. Not only are we meant to be a world leader in animal welfare but are a nation of animal lovers so it makes sense that this kind of behavior towards animals won't be tolerated by the public,” says Button

However according to Laws in 2016 NZ Parliament considered all allegations and misrepresentations of animal activist overwhelming and rejected them.

"Animal activists tend to be misinformed, misguided and motivated by ideas completely unrelated to rodeo. They have regularly misled and abused those who hold different views," says Laws.

Members of the Animal Justice League are inviting members of the public to join them at their protest on Saturday 6th January 2018, 10.15-11.45pm outside the Mandeville Sports Club 431 Mandeville Road

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