ANZ bank kicks off te reo classes

By Jessica Tyson

ANZ has kicked off their free te reo Māori classes this week in celebration of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori.

More than 100 people attended the class on Monday at the ANZ Centre hosted by Precious Clark from Te Kaa, a Māori cultural competency programme.

Clark says she wants people to have the opportunity to experience the “magic” of te reo Māori.

"What ANZ is offering the community is powerful; ANZ provides the whare, provides the home, me and my dream team, co-facilitators – We provide the people and the technical skill and expertise to teach te reo Māori and everyone who walks in through our doors provides a positive wairua of learning.”

Since 2016, Clark has worked with corporate businesses across New Zealand to help people understand and experience Māori culture using the Te Kaa curriculum.

She says it's not just Māori who are focused on revitalising te reo.

"What's brilliant is non-Māori are really getting behind our language and our culture and have a vested interest in keeping it alive.

"Kiwis are starting to expect more of themselves and look for more meaningful ways to engage with each other.  Globalisation has increased our desire to be unique, and our 'Māori-ness' provides that."

Over the next five weeks, ANZ will continue to open its doors to people wanting to learn.