Auckland's fun run in its 47th year

By Regan Paranihi

Thousands of Aucklanders will be gearing up to partake in Auckland’s annual Ports of Auckland Round the Bays event today.

The fun run is in its 47th year and is known to be the biggest fun run in New Zealand with over 26,000 participants.

The course is an 8.4km journey from Auckland City along the waterfront through to St Heliers Bay.

Participants have an option to walk, jog or run.

Amongst the crowd is a group of army personnel who will be carrying a stretcher with army equipment to raise awareness for the veterans charity.

Ports of Auckland are pleased to bring people from all communities together in one big event. They also donate a portion of the money to three charities working in the communities.

The event commences at 9.30am Sunday 3 March.