Battle for marae access at Awataha continues

More protests were held today by the North Shore community in Auckland to oppose the trustees of Te Awataha Marae.

According to the protesters, the community is still being blocked from Te Awataha Marae.

Spokesperson for the protestors Hohepa Maclean spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters and claims the local community is locked out of accessing the marae due to it being controlled by one group of people.

Maclean says, “We are here, jumping up and down, pleading with them to open up the gates so we can go in.”

He says, “I say that they're doing things that will benefit themselves, a small select group only.”

Trustee of Awataha Marae Anthony Wilson also spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters and says the claims from the protestors are untrue.

Wilson claims he has invited the community three times to come and “sit down kanohi ki te kanohi and have a korero.”

But Maclean claims “It’s all lies”.

Both parties say they hope to be able to come together to resolve having access to the marae.