'Beauty with a Purpose' proves there's more than meets the eye

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

Reigning Miss World, Manushi Chhillar from India and former Miss World Stephanie Del Valle Diaz from Puerto Rico have arrived in New Zealand as part of a worldwide humanitarian charity tour.

The annual Beauty with a Purpose tour sees the Miss World winner visit major charity projects run by national Miss World titleholders such our very own Jessica Tyson.

“Well we're looking into two projects and like every trip we hope to bring a lot of light on the certain issues, we look forward to support those two projects and at the same time take back the ideas because we travel across the world, “ says Chhillar.

Del Valle Diaz says, “Well I'm hoping obviously to do as much as we always do on every trip and that is get the most out of the work we do and help the most children that we possibly can.”

Chillar is pursuing a medical degree and through her Beauty with a Purpose project she spread awareness about menstrual hygiene,“…because science couldn't explain it people found their own ways to explain it and they're still living in that traditional line of thought which made it a taboo, it is a major concern not only in India but in different parts of the world and the causes are different but the effect is the same,” says Chillar.

Del Valle Diaz, who studies Law and Communication, helped raise money for the first Pediatric Liver and Kidney Transplant Unit in Puerto Rico.

“That will not only help all the children of Puerto Rico, but also all the Caribbean so that all of these kids would not have to travel to the US to receive that treatment, that process is already very difficult,” says Del Valle Diaz.

The two beauty queens have teamed up with Miss World NZ Jess Tyson (Te Atihaunui-ā-Pāpārangi).

 “This is an important time to me because they've come here to support me and learn about the New Zealand Beauty with Purpose projects,” says Jess Tyson.

“The first is the learning centre," says Chhillar, "So, it's an online learning process for especially if you have an entry exam before you go to university, and like I said everybody has a different way of learning so me and Jess are going to look into that, and the second project is children with special needs.”

The trio will spend three days visiting different charity projects.