Berridge remains NZ's number one light heavyweight boxer

Rob The Butcher Berridge remains the number one light heavyweight boxer in New Zealand after beating Sam The Terror Rapira last night in New Plymouth. A fight that went the full eight rounds, with Berridge winning by unanimous decision.

Berridge racked up his 28th professional win last night in New Plymouth.

“Oh man he gave a war yeah it was awesome I'm happy with the win like I feel like I deserved the win and I done enough for the win but yeah he bought it to me, he definitely gave it all he had," says Berridge.

Rapira frustrated Berridge in the earlier rounds as he kept him tied up, around the halfway point Berridge worked the mid-section.

Rapira says, “Yes, he was a good puncher I realised halfway through the fight how fit I was because I took a good one in the puku and I took it well and I recovered and you only do that when you're fit as, and if I wasn't as fit as I am he could've stung me over.”

Berridge continued to chip away with combos that barely penetrated Rapira’s guard, but his consistency ultimately won him the fight.

“Man he came to fight man and I'm proud to say that I fought him and I fought him at his top I think so it was good,” says Berridge

​“That's boxing you know I did my best and I just couldn't get the job done, but me sitting here sulking about it is not going to change that all I need to do is learn from this experience go away and get better,” says Rapira

Both fighters made a surge in the final rounds, Rapira landing some heavy blows, but it wasn't quite enough to take the win.