Big move to GC creates ultimate dream for Ngāpuhi man

Rikona Andrews of Ngāpuhi is one example who believes that if it wasn't for his decision to actually pack up and move to the Gold Coast, he may not have been able to achieve his ultimate dream of opening his own hair-cutting business.

“We opened back in 2013 and so it's been 3 years now,” says Andrews

When he first set up in the Gold Coast, Andrews didn't experience any ill feeling or negativity whatsoever from the locals. In-fact it was quite the opposite and he had a lot of support.

“I had quite a lot of support from the locals in this region, they were awesome! They really acknowledge those wanting to start up a business and really get in behind to support you,” said Andrews.

For his business partner, Luke Auelua, it was really important for them to support local businesses as well.

Auelua says, “Hence the name ‘The Local Spot.’ Local brands and then with the art as well, local artists, so basically just a local movement together, barbershop and clothing.”

Even though the shop has only been opened for three years to the public, Rìkona already has big dreams and aspirations for the business.

“To increase the number of customers here and also to perhaps open another store somewhere in the Gold Coast? Yes, that's awesome.”