Big names at Aotearoa MMA Expo helping to boost sport

Two of NZ's biggest MMA stars have returned home this weekend to give back to the sport that's given them so much.  James Te Huna and Dylan Andrews spent the day meeting fans and promoting the sport at the Aotearoa MMA Expo held in Auckland.

This is the biggest gathering of fight gyms, fighters and fight fans under one roof.  MMA stars James Te Huna (Tainui) and Dylan Andrews (Ngāi Tūhoe) are very happy to be a part of it.

Te Huna says, "There's so much fighting that backs the sport of MMA compared to any other place around the world, NZ is really big on it."

"(To) do something and give back to where you come from is awesome, so it's big for me to come back and do little things like this," explained Andrews.

MMA is a growing sport in NZ, with more and more Māori being involved in fight clubs around the country.

Te Huna says Māori have a natural talent that lends themselves nicely towards MMA.

The younger fighters and fans are also very excited to have their sport promoted in this way.

With MMA on the up-and-up in NZ, the future looks bright for these young hopefuls.