Bream Bay College new cultural building opens

By Taroi Black

A Northland college has just opened its new bi-lingual unit and facilities as part of the school's plan to hold a home for Te Reo Māori and English. 

Māori Teacher Junie Shelford says, There’s warm feeling in this new building. We hold strong to the values of this school and those that have paved the way for us. So, we're all about inclusiveness and welcome anyone here.”

The new high tech bi-lingual unit at Bream Bay College was $730,000 to build. 

Brea Suvalko who in her last year of school believes this is a huge step forward for many students.

“It's a huge step. It's such a huge step it's way bigger. It's a place where they can come and hang out and we also use this place for kapa haka, wananga, waiata, anything to do with our Māori culture”, she said.

Associate education minister Kelvin Davis says this will help support Māori students in in particular as 40% of them make up the total population of the school. 

The facility is also used for Pacifica cultural activities as part of their school's vision to collaborate with other cultures.