Brown Buttabean accepts Conrad Lam’s callout

By Tamati Tiananga

After almost two years of vigorous callouts, Conrad Lam’s persistence’s has finally paid off. The big unit with heavy hands will step into the ring this weekend at the Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau on Saturday, May 21 to take on Letele in which he (Letele) only describes as his toughest fight in his career.

Conrad Lam says, “Man I couldn’t believe it I was like, oh this is a sleepless night on the first night then I just starting working hard to get my mind right.”

After two corporate wins, including a third round knockout over former NZ Māori player and Blues hooker Slade McFarland, and one professional win against Joe Sefo in February. In two of his previous three fights, Conrad has flawed opponents with one punch, father Gus believes his son is ready to rumble.

“My hands are still shaking (Post pad Session), obviously, the blood is still trying to cut through the muscles, they are hard,” says Gus Lam.

A discussion between Conrad’s father (Gus Lam) and a person well known to Letele’s camp helped seal the deal to fight. Earlier this year the kiwi heavyweight had taken the next step to make his pro debut but has been serious to fight on David Letele – aka the Brown Buttabean since last year.

Gus Lam says, “I was taking a client of mine in Coffs Bay and Mark happened to walk past, and I said hey what’s going on. I was hearing this rumor the guys wouldn’t put my son up against Brown Buttabean because he was too heavy, But it is heavyweight and it’s not our problem if Buttabean is losing weight.“    

Letele has clocked up 11 wins and two losses since making he debut in 2014. On paper, he poses the more experienced fighter, however, Lams comes with experience. He praises his uncle, former world title contender, New Zealand boxing legend David Tua for teaching him the fundamentals of boxing.

“I’d like to thank David Tua for always having me in his corner and being in his camp and being around him, I learnt a lot of him,” says Conrad Lam. 

The 24year old has sparred with many top fighters over the years including American Julius Long, Junior Pati, Monty Filimaea and more. Lam and Letele will fight on the undercard of the Joseph Parker's IBF eliminator bout against Carlos Takam.