Children await help from KidsCan

By Regan Paranihi

Around 2,652 students from 19 schools are waiting to benefit from the KidsCan has food, clothing, and health programmes.

This is the highest number of students in need in the past three years. Up more than a thousand on this time last year and the year before. 

KidsCan CEO and Founder Julie Chapman says 2,652 is a significant number of children in need. Their families are already struggling and the additional back-to-school fees will be no help to the financial side.

“Coming on the back of Christmas families living in hardship, who are already going without the basics, face the added stress of having to stretch what little they do have even further. The reality is, the extent of deprivation some families are living in means sometimes it can’t be done and more children are turning up to school without food and adequate clothing, while others are even kept home to avoid embarrassment.”

KidsCan currently provides 700 schools nationwide with food, clothing and basic health items, allowing 168,000 students access to the programme.

In 2017, the charity distributed 4.4 million items of food, 47,000 raincoats, 27,000 pairs of shoes, 171,000 health items while supporting 100 extra schools.

KidsCan is calling on New Zealand’s support to get behind the organisation to help give 19 schools a great start to 2018 by donating to the cause.

A monthly fee of $15 will enable them to provide food, a raincoat, shoes, socks, and basic health needs to those children living in material hardship.

“This is about rallying in support of New Zealand’s disadvantaged children. Children who want to go to school to learn and create a bright future for themselves but who without our help will be denied realising their dreams of becoming a contributing member of society.

“All children have dreams. Some just have a greater chance of making them a reality. With New Zealanders help, we can positively impact the lives of an additional 2,652 children this year,” says Chapman. 

If you would like to donate, click here