Claims Māori are not indigenous is disrespectful – Hone Sadler

Ngāpuhi elder Hone Sadler refutes claims that Māori are not indigenous to New Zealand.

This comes after Northland historian Noel Hilliam claimed findings from a forensic expert at the University of Edingburgh shows people from Wales, the Mediterranean and China were here long before Māori.

These findings are based on reconstructed features of ancient skulls discovered in the Kaipara.

Speaking to Kawe Kōrero Reporters, Sadler says this is just another way of hiding the history of Māori.

He says, “The history of Māori hasn't been looked at closely yet. Our history hasn't been taught in our schools.”

“The history taught only relates to Pākehā. These Pākehā came and wrote the history of Māori,” says Sadler.

Sadler questions the claims against Māori history asking for written evidence the skulls come from Wales and other countries.

He says, “I have not seen or heard anything that proves they were the first to arrive here.”

“This type of writing disrespects the Māori people.”

Sadler says, “It's about time we teach the true history of NZ in schools.”

“Our history says we are the first people of the land.”