A cool new outlook

By Te Ao Māori News

A new approach to the weather and how it affects every day New Zealanders will be launched on Māori Television tomorrow.

The unique, indigenous weather will include moon cycles and how it might affect fishing or planting; sea swells for surfers and divers as well as weather across the highways.

It is believed to be the first indigenous weather project in the world and has been created by Māori Television with NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research).

“It’s been fascinating combining the science of one world with the traditions of another.  Rather than bombard audiences with graphics and technology, we tried to create something that more people might actually understand and connect to,” said Head of News and Current Affairs, Maramena Roderick.

“Families heading home or to festivals, events and wānanga, for example, will now be able to see how and when the weather will move across state highways and factor that into their travel.”

For the first time, Māori Television will also have a weather presenter, Kawe Roes, who has been learning from both Māori astrologists and NIWA experts.

“We needed someone with the right amount of quirkiness and energy to take New Zealand weather in a very different direction.  Kawe certainly fitted the bill,” said Roderick

The new weather will be subtitled weekdays on Te Kāea news, 5.30pm from Monday, 5 March.

It will include an end segment inviting all New Zealanders to send in their best moments from the day.  But instead of just best weather pics, viewers are invited to send best moment shots – from the uncle or aunty who got the catch of the day to nanny in the garden with the grandchildren.

Pictures can be sent to maipic@maoritelevision.com.