Demant sisters to feature Black Ferns game this weekend

Te Whānau a Apanui sisters Ruahei and Kiritapu Demant are currently in camp for the NZ Black Ferns in Tauranga.

Both sisters will feature in the Black Ferns this weekend when they go up against the Bay of Plenty Volcanix and Auckland.

Ruahei Demant has joined her sister Kiritapu in the Black Ferns.  Kiritapu first made the team in 2015.

“Even though she's my older sister and I've been in here longer, I still look at her as my older sister...I still look at her for knowledge or things to learn in the game.” 

Ruahei has had to deal with long-term injury but is not giving up on playing rugby.

“I have had a lot of difficulties, there have been three major reconstructions to my knee.  However, I'm here today.” 

The Demant sister's mother, former Te Whānau a Apanui female leader Vikki Demant, says her daughters were fortunate to have many role models.

“They've had many role models growing up, including our old people like Emma Rogers, Astra Tawhai and many others from home where we come from.  They were very hard workers in the work they did.  If my daughters consider what I've done on the stage as a great example for them, I'm happy with this.” 

Vikki adds that their former teacher, the late Ned Koopu, father of former Warriors player Wairangi Koopu, played a key role in the girls' sporting development while living in Te Kaha along with their former Harbour Touch Coach, Former All Black Glen Osborne.

“My cousin Ned Rerewa Koopu was one who really nurtured the young kids at the time in touch.  Glen Osborne- the famous rugby player- also lead them down a path filled with support, they were very lucky.” 

Ruahei and Kiritapu will feature in the Black Ferns when they play in the Game of Three Halves match this weekend at Tauranga Domain.