Election Aotearoa: Party leaders debate tackling homelessness

Building more houses, taxing the rich and preventing foreigners from buying homes are some of the solutions suggested by candidates participating in Aotearoa Election’s first debate.

Labour co-leader Kelvin Davis, Green Party leader James Shaw, Mana Movement leader Hone Harawira and Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan offered their perspectives and approaches to tackling homelessness in New Zealand.

Opportunities Party Leader believed the key to tackling the issue was increasing the tax on the rich and reducing the taxes on the poor.

Labour co- leader Kelvin Davis promised 100 thousand new homes which would consist of state houses and affordable homes.

Hone Harawira pushed hard on “stopping foreigners from buying existing homes in Aotearoa, if you stop them you have 20 thousand houses available for at home buyers.”

The Minister of Māori Development, Te Ururoa Flavell agreed with reducing the amount of foreign buyers purchasing property in New Zealand and outlined the quality of information that had emerged from Te Puea Marae stepping up to help those struggling.

He said clear issues in terms of knowledge of resources and connecting to the right services were pointed out by the chair of Te Puea and those were areas that clearly needed focus in the  future.

Harawira made a suggestion of employing people like Huri Dennis the Chair of Te Puea to assist in finding a real solution to homelessness.