Facebook outrage over Tokoroa gambling centre

A Tokoroa resident has lashed out on Facebook after learning a gambling centre is to be built in his town.

Tokoroa’s Pokects 8 Ball Club, The Olde Establishment and the Putaruru District Services Memorial Club plan to merge and create a super venue with 30 pokie machines.

Local resident Stacy Taylor spoke to Kawekōrero Reporters about his frustration on the decision.

“A mega gambling centre in the main street of Tokoroa is asking for trouble,” said Taylor.

“I understand that it is a personal choice and your have a choice to do it or not. But what I understand and what I see is happening is these places are tageting our people because they’re vulnerable. And that’s wrong.”

“To me if you ruin families lives along the way and that’s your way to put back into the community, that’s a rediculous way of funding things.”

“A lot of families can’t even afford to lose a hundred dollars a week you know. So the reason I’m upset about it is because I do a lot of work with kids down here and I see first-hand the effects of poverty.”