Families prepare for more power outages

Thousands of Auckland homes are still without heating and light as we move into what's forecasted to be another night of strong winds and rain which could potentially mean more power outages across the region.

Auckland families are battening down the hatches ahead of what's expected to be another night of bad weather.

Rural South Auckland resident Dylan Matthews says, "I suppose you can't really dwell on things like this, you have to do manual work and you have to live life."

Around 35,000 households are heading into their third night without power, light, and heating and it's taking its toll.

"A tree's fallen down and it's obviously smacked the power lines, it's defrosting our food and we're probably gonna have to cook half of it up so once the power comes on it'll be better for us."

Access to clean water is also an immediate concern in some rural areas with electric water pumps out of action. Matthews says he is trying to make the best of the situation.

"There's no water in the house, we're having to go down to the tap that is by the tank itself, and manually pump it out. We're probably the lucky ones, some people out there may not have any water."

Vector Limited's network manager Minoru Frederiksens says things could potentially get worse with more bad weather expected tonight.

He says, "We're not expecting it to be as bad as the last one but if it's short and sharp again, we might have an increase in trees falling over that have already been weakened and unfortunately that might result in more outages.

Vector says they have crews working around the clock but power may not be fully restored for another two days or more.