Four Māori athletes named for 2016 Silver Ferns squad

Four Māori athletes have been named in the 2016 Silver Ferns squad.

Catherine Latu's name was announced amongst a mix of diverse new players in the squad. She says, “When you get stuck here, and there’s not much netball to play you have to go do boxing and something completely different and it actually keeps your love for netball there.”

Latu also admitted she had even considered retiring from all netball at one stage, “Absolutely. To retire? I'd say every second day, yeah because I had to figure out if I had enough to put myself through that again, I mean it definitely takes a toll on your soul,” said Latu.

Laura Langman has once again managed to secure her spot and the self-proclaimed queen of Ngāpuhi, Kayla Cullen makes her way in again.

The Silver Ferns are focussing on future undertakings, such as Te Reo Māori.

Amelieranne Wells says, “Studying Māori Next Year. So we will be able to do interviews in Māori next year.” 

Janine Southbys proudly leads the newly announced Silver Ferns into 2016.