Hapū outraged at 'rushed' voting process

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Ngāpuhi hapū are outraged with the minister's decision to put the proposed evolved mandate to vote. 

Te Orewai hapū member Huhana Lyndon says it's ridiculous to think that the biggest tribe in the country should make such a big decision in six weeks.

"They took 180 years to steal 90 percent of Aotearoa and give 4 months for Māori to dot the i's and cross the t's.  No, I don't agree with that," says Hori Parata.

According to one member of Te Roopū Tūhono the time for  decision making is now. 

"Ngāpuhi is in a very uncomfortable space.  We've been here since 2008 and you're saying it's too short a time?  The time is now," says Hone Sadler.

"It's too short a time to properly discuss this with our whānau and communities" says Huhana Lyndon. 

According to the minister he has received supportive feedback on the proposed evolved mandate and he believe this is the best way forward.

If the evolved mandate is rejected any settlement with Ngāpuhi and its hapū will not progress until 2020.

Sadler says, "If we don't sort it our and don't get a mandate then we might as well go home."

Meanwhile, Lyndon says, "Six weeks for the biggest tribe in the country to decide on a structure?  No ,I don't agree."

Voting opens in November.