High Court appoints Sir Edward Taihākurei Durie as sole chair of NZ Māori Council

A High Court judgement has declared Sir Edward Taihakurei Durie as the sole chair of the New Zealand Māori Council.

Sir Edward and Maanu Paul previously served as co-chairs of the council.

In April 2016 a decision was made to appoint Sir Eddie as the sole chair, but Mr Paul contested the decision holding himself out as still being the co-chair of the Māori Council.

According to a media release release issued by Felix Geiringer, barrister for Sir Eddie, late last year, Mr Paul filed a judicial review seeking a declaration that the decision that ended his position was unlawful.

The application was discontinued in May but Mr Paul has continued to hold himself out as co-chair including in evidence before the Waitangi Tribunal.

The release says Mr Paul continued to claim to be able negotiate with other parties on behalf of the Māori Council, and in claiming to file new proceedings in the Māori Council's name.

Sir Edward says, "I'm relieved to obtain this formal declaration from the High Court, I hope that this is finally the end of this long running saga. Mr Paul's antics have cause a lot of damage to the New Zealand Māori Council. Now that we have the position formally confirmed by the Court, the Council can get back to concentrating on the important work it does advocating for the benefit of all Māori."