History to be made with first Māori and Aboriginal haka

By Jessica Tyson

A group of Māori and Aboriginal performers will make history on ANZAC Day when they join forces to perform the haka and the corroboree in Perth.

A stirring haka was performed at last year's dawn service by the Haka For Life group at Kings Park.

Event Coordinator Leon Ruri says this year’s haka will signify the joining of two cultures to show they're stronger and better together.

During the performance Ruri says viewers will see an exchange take place between the Aboriginal and Māori performers.

“There will actually be a gift given and then at that point, we will have the blessing come forward to perform our haka,” he said in a video on Facebook.

Performers will use traditional instruments including taiaha, patu, clapsticks and didgeridoo.

The haka will also be in support of suicide awareness and men's mental health.