Honey Hireme excited about the future of women's sport

By Rahia Timutimu

It's an achievement that Honey Hireme has waited so long for, to see women’s league a sport that she has been involved in for 30 years reach a new higher level.

But this didn’t happen overnight, Hireme has been involved in both league and rugby sevens for years now.

“Female athletes have been achieving at all these amazing levels way back in the past but they’ve never been really recognised for that,” says Hireme to Newshub.

The NRL had four women teams play at their Inaugural women’s competition that saw the players handed 8 week contracts, this competition is expected to grow in the New Year.

“It's only going to continue to rise to the point where you end up with 16 full NRL teams,” says Hireme, “and I would love to see at our World Cup, at least 16 countries.”