Hope for potential Māori homeowners

By Taroi Black

After years of trying to buy a house, Te Kāea spoke to a family who is excited after Labour Party MP Kelvin Davis' announcement.

Mereana Marsters has recently moved into a Glenfield house with her partner and four children says, “We want to own a house one day but at this stage, it's too hard. We want to buy one in the North Shore but it's too expensive.”

It's the second home they've moved into in just six months and moving has not been cheap.

However, she's excited about Labour's Māori Housing announcement.

Mereana is still wanting to raise her family in the North Shore, without the need to move back to Hokianga, if work becomes unavailable.

Kelvin Davis says “That's one of the issues. That's why we want to implement this policy through a Labour Government. If not, you'll see more and more families become homeless.”

Mereana hopes to continue living in this home but their lease will be up after 12 months.