It's diamonds, fur and glamour as Miss Rotorua pageant draws near


Stories of beauty are etched in the history of Rotorua with some Miss Rotorua hopefuls aspiring to embody their tīpuna Hinemoa as they prepare for the upcoming Miss Rotorua pageant.

These three Te Arawa beauties are bringing the glam in anticipation of Miss Rotorua.

Miss Teen contestant Shadae Lemon says, "I'm excited but I'm really, really nervous."

At 16 years of age, Shadae Lemon is the baby of the group. She hopes to gain the title of Miss Teen Rotorua.

"All the people that have come from families that you don't really get much opportunities like these which was myself. I just want to get it out there for the young people and let them know that anything can happen."

Contestant Te Rua Wallace says to be crowned Miss Rotorua is to gain influence.

“If I won the title, the eyes of my iwi would be on me. It would be my responsibility to direct those eyes, legs and arms towards issues of importance such as youth and the environment.”

Pageant organiser and fashionista Kharl Wirepa says the event is aimed at developing refined and elegant young women.

"Miss Rotorua is going to be a night of crystals, fur and glamour and most of all it will be a night of celebrating the achievement and the prestige of Māori culture."

Contestant Kahu Tapsell Bennett says, "I think that Māori women are very strong but they're also compassionate at the same time, they're so open and inclusive and they don't put anyone down and that's what I love about Māori women in our culture."

The Miss Rotorua pageant is set to take place at Rotorua’s historic Blue Baths on September 16.