John Key the star attraction at Māori Party fundraiser

By Maiki Sherman

Prime Minister, John Key, was the star attraction at a fundraising night for the Māori Party recently, an event which cost $5000 per person.

According to Naida Glavish, “The Māori Party organised a fundraising night for the Māori Party. We asked John Key if he would agree to be our keynote speaker at the dinner, and it ends there.”

So the Māori Party says John Key was simply there as its "keynote speaker". However, on the invitation, it seems he was the star attraction.

It states that during the dinner, John Key would change seats for ease of conversation, also noting the chit chat would be confidential.

The invitation was extended to 15 specially selected people.

If they were all in attendance, that's $75,000 - a very good fundraising effort for just one night, and the Māori Party certainly has Prime Minister, John Key, to thank for that.

As the Māori Party had dinner with John Key, they were also criticising Mana, claiming it was hungry for money from the Internet Party.

Naida stated the Māori Party had always said they would work with whoever was in government, and it's clear, that's currently John Key.