Kai, KFC and a kihi – What people want on Valentine’s

By Jessica Tyson
Wicked wings from KFC. Source: File, KFC

Today marks the most romantic day of the year, where couples around the motu will be planning something special to make their loved one happy.

But it’s not the normal gifts that people seem to want to be given this year.

Louis Ngā-Tai says he’d love to receive KFC on Valentine’s Day.

“Wicked Wings because they’re tasty and spicy and what’s a relationship without a little spice nē?”, he told Te Kāea.

Cassy Tiare feels any gesture of aroha should be enough.

“Whether it's chocs and flowers, or even a kai, down to a happy Valentine's Day and a kihi.”

Frankie Te Haate joked that her partner is going to get, “a Valentine’s Day sock to go with the one he got for Christmas.”

Meanwhile, Hayley Bentley feels keeping herself happy is her priority.

“The rest just flows naturally,” she says.

Ariana Grandeur says today is significant because it marks the anniversary of the death of Captain James Cook.

According to Hawaii History, on 14 February 1779 Cook was murdered at Kealakekua Bay in Hawai'i.

“Cook went ashore February 14 with nine marines and attempted to take Kalani`opu`u, a powerful Hawai'i island chief, as hostage," wrote Hawaii History.

“A scuffle ensued between the Hawaiians and Cook's shore party in which Cook and four marines lost their lives.” 

Captain James Cook. Source: File