Kaiaua locals worried about further damage to foreshore

Kaiaua locals are calling on the Hauraki District Council to secure their coastline following last week's storm.

The stormwater may have subsided but Kaiaua locals continue to deal with the devastation caused by last weeks storm.

"It's been a busy week and a sad week for a lot of people."

"For us, we've still got to repair our house it's been damaged around the bottom."

The storm left twelve homes in Kaiaua uninhabitable and a further seventy, only partially habitable. Community and council relief efforts have been in place since.

"We've been very lucky with the council they've provided Porta-loo's and all the necessary things that people needed."

"They brought all these bins in to help us out, I lost my fridges, freezers, chainsaws."

Hauraki district mayor John Tregidga kicked off disaster relief fundraising for the town, contributing $2000 from his discretionary fund. Locals hope funds raised will be used to secure the coastline.

"We believe that something needs to be done to stabillise the beach and to stop this happening in the future for all of the locals who now are obviously really nervous."

"What I'd like them to do is actually build a sea wall out here."

"I'd like to see them investigate this foreshore, I think this is going to be a problem from now on."

Another king tide is forecast for the beginning of February and would like to see preventative action in place before then.