Kaui-Taunoa hopes to retain NZ Bomb Comp title

By Regan Paranihi

New Zealand’s biggest bomb competition has kicked off today at Lake Tikitapu in Rotorua.

Hundreds of bombers will grace the shores of Lake Tikitapu over the next four days to vie for the Bomb King title.

The current Bomb King champion, Kopu Kaui-Taunoa (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Porou), says he is looking forward to competing in his second consecutive bomb comp and hopes to retain his title for another year.

“I’m trying to prepare mentally because I know I can do it but it’s just the pressure that we put ourselves under when we’re on that stage,” he says. 

Taunoa says bombing has been a childhood passion of his and is stoked as his inspiration for bombing came from childhood moments with his cousins.

“I got into it real young, watching the older cousins they were the ones who inspired me to be as good as them...I wanted to be cool like them just as young people you want to be older and cool like your older cousins.”

Taunoa says he’s looking forward to having his whānau with him at the competition and hopes it might encourage them to get involved next time.

“We’re taking a lot of whanau this year, a lot of kids and a few of the other cousins. So its more about getting them involved and inspiring them to bomb as well and show them a good day.”

The four-day event will see participants partaking in casual bombing events leading up to the big competition on Sunday 17 February.

People of all ages are eligible to enter the competition.

For more information visit the Bomb Comp NZ Facebook page.