Kaumātua in Rotorua feeling the chill

Kaumatua Jack Carroll has paid over $400, with the help of Work and Income, for a load of wood. 

He says that's expensive but it's something that he needs to do in order to stay warm.

The supplier, Blazing Firewood Rotorua say that they have seen families in need of wood who go without.

“This load here I just got from this place here is $425 and that's a lot to get a load of wood and not like before- it used to be cheap once upon a time but not anymore.  It's very dear,” says Carroll.

Blazing Firewood owner Fabian Goldbert says that he works closely with Work and Income and says that a large majority of his clients have come from them.

“We give a little here as well, so I'm always topping up.  I've been doing it for 28 years in the city, I have a fair understanding on what happens over the winter period- a lot of needy people”.

Around 1,600 Kiwis die each year due to cold housing in winter. 

Waiariki MP Tamati Coffey says that he's making sure that those in his region will be taking advantage of the 'Winter Energy Payment'.

“Making sure that our low and mid income earners that are receiving any kind of benefit and also our pensioners- those ones that are on the super- get a better winter energy payment.  $450 if you are a single, $700 if you are in a couple and that's to help offset the cost of those power bills”.

Despite the government's best efforts those living in Rotorua says that they are doing anything to keep warm.