Kuia calls for community support to recover stolen items

updated By Jessica Tyson

An Auckland woman is calling for support from the community to recover precious items stolen from her home on Wednesday.

Freda Donna was out with her mokopuna in the afternoon when her home in Papatoetoe was burgled.

Items stolen included pounamu,  jewellery, a laptop, clothing, perfume and a battery for her breathing machine.

She told Te Kāea she needs the machine to breathe at night and if the power goes out she has to travel.

"I have a respiratory disease and so when I sleep I go on the Bipap to help me breathe, she says.

"If the power goes off I can hook the battery up for eight hours. If I go anywhere with no power I can hook the battery up."

Donna, who works at a kohanga reo in Māngere East, is asking for the public to help find the battery.

“If anyone on the streets if Papatoetoe see it lying anywhere or someone tries to pawn it off please, please think about me.. or just drop to police station. You cannot buy them in this country and they are very expensive,” she wrote in a post on Facebook.

The machine is valued at more than NZ$700, according to the manufacturer's website.

Donna says the pounamu taken from inside her jewellery box included a necklace given to her for her 50th birthday, as well as a set she got during her first time travelling overseas.

This morning, two days after the burglary, she also noticed her laptop was taken from inside a Mona Lisa bag that her sister bought her from Paris. 

"Now, I'm really mad," she says.

The police visited the home on Thursday to collect fingerprints and Donna says the investigation is ongoing.

"The police forensic team have been and hopefully we can get a match from one of the prints."