Labour launches Māori regional development policy

By Dean Nathan
Labour leader David Cunliffe visit Te Tai Tokerau

Labour leader David Cunliffe was in northland today to launch his party’s Māori regional development policy with the party acknowledging that it cannot be realised without working as one with local iwi. 

According to Willow Jean Prime, “It’s of utmost importance that we work as one and not sit in Wellington determining the future of the regions but working with us here in northland to determine a pathway to prosperity.”

Statistics show that over 18% of Northlands current Māori workforce-alone are unemployed.

Kelvin Davis states, “We're here to launch our Māori development policy and it’s only right that its brought here in the ancestral house on the marae to emphasise the passion Labour has to uphold Māori custom.”

With the Northland regions infrastructure just about non-existent, Labour is supportive of government investment and a positive partnership in the post-settlement era to ensure the needs and aspirations for the future wellbeing of whānau and hapū in the regions.

No doubt more will be discussed in the lead up to the national election.