Labour Leader aspires to raise number of Māori MPs

By Heta Gardiner

Walking into rapturous applause from Labour delegates, Labour leader Andrew Little gave his address to conclude the party conference today.

Labour Leader, Andrew Little says,  "First we'll ban overseas speculators from buying existing houses. Simple as that. We'll do that in your first 100 days. "

This will phase out tax breaks for property investors to stop speculation and also avoid the exploitation of a tax loophole. It's hoped that this will help out first home buyers. 

Little says, "Today I'm announcing Labour will close the tax loophole that allows speculators to claim taxpayer subsidies for their property portfolio."

He also spoke about the aspiration to raise its number of Māori MPs. 

Little says, "After the election, at least one in four Labour MP's will be Māori. We are going to have the largest representation of Māori MP's of any party, ever, in New Zealand politics." 

Andrew Little gave his state of the nation speech in January but failed to mention Māori at all in the 30-minute speech. 

Labour was challenged about the perception that Māori are not valued in the party after no Māori were named in the party's top 15; and after Kelvin Davis' 'Māori only prisons' was not supported publicly by the leader. But for Little, Māori were at the forefront of the party. 

 Little says, "Through all these policies and in every decision, Māori will be at the table. Māori aspiration sits at the core of Labour's vision for New Zealand."

But whether that is the government table or not, all will be revealed in September.