Letele claims judges got it wrong

By Tamati Tiananga

Dave "Brown Buttabean" Letele wants a rematch with Conrad Lam but there is a catch, Letele wants new judges. 

In the wake of his recent split decision loss to Conrad Lam on the weekend, Letele has taken aim at the three NZNBF judge's decision and wants a rematch before he retires at end of the year.

Dave Letele says, "Judging on the night was very inconsistent, and one of the judges or one of the refs that were around said to me he doesn't know how they got it so wrong."

"If we do have a rematch and I'm hoping they will and if they accept we can have a rematch do it on The Big Bash or Duco's next card here then we will be making sure we have better judges."

He believes he outclassed his opponent, landing more punches. NZNBF President, David Craig says he stands by the decision, "I am satisfied with the result and outcome". Craig was also the official referee of fight.

Dave Letele says, "I think anyone that watches the fight and from an unbias point of view watch the fight and they turn off the commentary, as Lolo (Lolo Heimuli) always says turn off the commentary and they can make their own mind up."

The rules clearly state any fighter wishing to dispute a decision needs to formally make a submission in writing. The complaint needs to be submitted within 24 hours of the event. No complaint was received.

In an interview with Lam on Saturday, he says he deserved the win.  

Conrad Lam says, "It's great to have it on this undercard and for Dave to accept it was a great feeling."

Letele adds he will continue with his next fight to be staged in Taranaki next month.