Let's not blame everything on the Chinese - Jenny Lee-Morgan

Let's not blame everything on the Chinese. This from Associate Professor Jenny Lee-Morgan in response to Hone Harawira's call to execute Chinese involved in P.

Jenny Lee-Morgan is part Chinese, part Maori.

Associate Professor Jenny Lee-Morgan says, "Be careful about blaming Chinese only, Chinese are not the problem. P is the problem, money is the problem. Be careful not to blame Chinese for every problem in New Zealand."

Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira says, "The home of P is China, the home of the ingredients is China and all the P cooking experts are from China."

Hone Harawira is the community man who hates P.

"We want all the pain that this drug causes our people to stop."

"I support Hone's stance on killing P, but not on killing people." - Jenny Lee-Morgan.

The Māori Party agrees.

Māori Party Co-Leader Te Ururoa Flavell says, "We agree with Hone's stance that P is a horrible drug, we need to look at innovative ways to get it out of Māori communities."

"Who will stop it? The government what do they do? Waste of time," says Hone Harawira.

The Human Rights Commission says "There is no humanity in killing another human being in the name of humanity."

Hone Harawira will talk to MP's about a law to execute importers of P.