Local AFL stars set to make their mark

By Ripeka Timutimu

Joe Baker-Thomas and Giovanni Mountain-Silbery haven’t yet donned the St Kilda Saints premier jersey, but at only 18 and 17 years old respectively, that dream could be closer to a reality.

The pair have been signed to the Melbourne and are two of just four international scholarship holders.

Baker-Thomas says his knowledge growing up was limited “I actually didn’t know about the game, it all come new to me when I was at Porirua college, we had some class, some sports class and one of the requirements to pass the class was AFL, basic skills”. But his natural athletic abilities has seen him make the move across the ditch in hopes of making the big time in the sport.

This year he will continue to play for the feeder team for the St Kilda Saints.

The Saints take on the Carlton Blues on Anzac day here at the Westpac Trust Stadium in Wellington.