Love Soup Rotorua takes to street to highlight homelessness in community

Love Soup Rotorua is currently working with 40 families with the aim of finding them a place to call home.  The group who help the homeless, took to the streets yesterday to highlight the problem with-in their community.

It's a national problem that hits at the heart of a community. 

Stephanie Mollaagd (Kaitautoko) says, “I would like to see more of the homeless off the streets and into their own homes but the trouble is there is bit of a housing storage at the moment.” 

Love Soup has been running in Rotorua for three years and says that the homeless situation here is increasing.

Gina Peiffer (Love Soup Rotorua) says, “Those who have the power and the ability to actually bring change to the solution we have no emergency housing, what's the hold up, where is it?

Where do you want me to put these 40 families that I am working with out of their car?”

The NZ Council of Christian Social services estimate that around 42,000 people are moving between temporary accommodations.  Love Soup Rotorua says that homelessness is becoming a serious issue. 

Mollaagd says, “I haven't been homeless, I'm doing this for the people who are homeless. Like I said my husband was homeless a year ago and he found it hard being on the streets, until we found his own accommodation out five years ago and it's pretty hard for my husband because we are looking for a place of our own.”

This year Love Soup Rotorua, is putting their focus on emergency housing options because they believe that the homeless issue is not going to go away.