Maimoa Music leaks plans of a tour

Maimoa Music has leaked upcoming plans of a tour and new bilingual music on Māori TV’s Kawekōrero Reporters programme.

The group that features on the TV show Voices Of Our Future has made a huge impact in the entertainment industry with their Māori language songs Maimoatia, Wairua and most recently Nau Mai Rā with Dave Dobbyn.

Maimoa Music members Tawaroa Kawana and Pere Wihongi told Kawekōrero to watch out for them this Summer.

“We will be featuring in a few concerts over the summer,” said Wihongi.

 “One Love, East Vibes is another to name a few.”

Kawana also signalled to the groups intention to break into the mainstream market of the music industry.

“Shortly we'll be the launch of our new track,” said Kawana.

“The track is bi-lingual, so we've stepping out of our box and entering into mainstream.”

Wihongi says the group wants to develop within the industry as a whole.

“We really hope to continue creating and composing songs, entertaining people, and especially broadcasting our Māori language,” he said.