Mana and Māori Party, friend or foe?

By Maiki Sherman

The Māori Party says uniting as one party together with Mana is not an option, saying they should remain separate.

According to co-leader of the Māori Party Te Ururoa Flavell, "The decision has been made by the leaders of both the Māori Party and Mana, that we should not unite as one party given that Mana refuses to work with National."

This is the same old conflict which continues to divide the Māori Party and Hone Harawira.

MP Flavell says, “He walked out of the Māori Party and established his own party, that party is different to the Māori Party.

So that's where things currently stand, he has his party, which is Pākehā in some aspects, while the Māori Party continues in its original capacity and nothing for us has changed.”

According to MP Flavell, the benefits are clear regarding their coalition with National, even if they've lost some support along the way.

The Māori Party is open to stand as a support partner in establishing a government following next year's elections, no matter who that may be with.

So the issue is settled between the Māori Party and Mana, they're not enemies, but they're not best friends either.