Māori All Blacks land in Japan to prepare for test matches

After 20 hours of travelling, the Māori All Blacks have landed in Japan to prepare for their two tests against Japan.

It was a very long trip but the team has just finished their first on-field training in Japan at the Kobe Rugby Club.

This follows the team's first cultural practice abroad last night.

With so many new caps in the team, it will be speed learning for some to get the words and actions down for the team songs and haka.

Joe Royal debuted for the Māori All Blacks last year but it's his expertise in haka that sees him at the top of the class in this session.

While the training side of things will be important, the management and the team know it are these sessions that set them apart from their competition and make them stronger on the field.

However like everything, practice makes perfect.

Japan is four hours behind New Zealand.  The team will be busy this afternoon with recovery training, and cultural practice and tomorrow will be their first good hit out on the training field.