Māori heavily concerned about climate change

By Heta Gardiner

Protests and encouragement to reduce the effects of climate change is being heavily urged by Māori.

Teanau Tuiono says, "If we don't sort out climate change, our coastal communities and our island communities, they are going to be under water."

It's an issue relevant to indigenous people all over the world.  Tuiono believes, "All of the corners of the world are here.  The Sami from the north, the Masai from Africa, the Inuit and our Aboriginal brothers are all here.

According to Green MP Marama Davidson, "Indigenous people all over the world want the issue of climate change addressed."  As well as climate change being a significant issue for other indigenous groups around the world, its also a major concern in New Zealand.

Davidson says, "We need to support communities, like Te Whānau-a-Apanui and Te Hiku, to help stop things like oil drilling."

World leaders are meeting in Paris at the World Conference to establish a strategy around climate change. Tuiono travelled to Europe to express his concerns relating to the issue.  His Australian whanau was also of concern to him.  

"I'm concerned about my relations who live on the coast and those who live in the islands" said Tuiono.

The conference closes on December 11.