Māori Party launches it policies for Auckland

By Talisa Kupenga

A week out from the General Election, the Māori Party has released its policies targeting Aucklanders, which it plans to roll out should it get a seat at the government's table this election. 

Music blares as political parties battle for votes at Māngere Markets, but Māori Party candidate Shane Taurima is confident his message is loud and clear.

"Make it Shane Taurima, make it Māori, so that we can make it happen," he says.

Over the toots, drive-bys and Labour Party cheers, Taurima made 14 promises including a bilingual city, $5 million each to Marae Ora and Whānau Ora, $20 million into the Whenua Māori Fund for papakāinga and marae housing as well as 500 South Auckland state homes.

He says "If we get back into parliament and in government, these are the things we will accomplish in the next three years."

He also committed to free doctor visits for under 18s, exclusive apprenticeship positions for youth and exploring an Auckland wage.