Māori pyrotechnics company blasts off

It’s the time of year when our skies are lit with fireworks but with increasing calls to ban public sales there’s a move to big events which Ngati Kahungunu’s Te Rangi Huata is welcoming.

He runs the only Maori Pyrotechnics company in the country and has earnt a reputation for putting on dramatic displays coupled with music.

He set up Public Dreams with his brother Tama in the new millenium after they couldn’t find anyone else to put on a fireworks display to mark the milestone.

It was only meant to be a one-off but it’s turned into a passion that sees him travelling the country.

“I like all young people enjoyed fireworks from a young age, but having the opportunity to actually learn how to do fireworks is something I never dreamed of.”

The brother’s first display nearly didn’t happen after they couldn’t find a lighter to ignite them but 18 years on, it’s a digital and the displays usually go off without a hitch.