Marama Fox secures second seat for Māori Party

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Following the counting of the special votes and the confirmation of the Māori Party's second seat in Government, Marama Fox is in high spirits, and the Māori-National relationship accord is underway.

According to Marama Fox, “I’m thrilled at the moment, there will be another person to back our leader Te Ururoa.  It would be lonely for him if he had to go alone, but because there are two of us we can help each other.”

Marama Fox will be Māori Party's first list MP since it was established in 2004.  She hopes to be a MP similar to Parekura Horomia. 

The Māori Party met with the National Party today to formalise their relationship.

Marama Fox says the Māori Party and the National Party have signed an agreement today for the next three years.

Ms Fox hopes with the Māori Party sitting at the Government table, they will have more of an influence around the decisions of the country.