Murupara locals miss submission deadline over liquor store proposal

A member of the Murupara community board wants to know how the board missed an application for a proposed liquor store in their town.  Those from the community missed the 15-day opportunity to submit their opinions to the Whakatāne District Council.

Memory Jenner says, “It's Murupara, we don't need it.  That's just shocking that they would even want to have that here.”

The owners of the Murupara store hope to put their liquor store, between two other businesses which is only meters away from another liquor store and the Police Station.

Maera Anderson says, “I can see quite a few people buying alcohol up there and sitting there and drinking it because there's a table right there and although people say it won't happen.  I can see it happening because it does now. “

The Whakatāne District Council says that the application was advertised in the newspaper and on the venue window.  However, they understand that a number of people missed the written submission deadline and are working on giving those people an opportunity to speak on a date yet to be set.